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You've had one of the most memorable hunting or fishing outings of your life!  Now, whom can you entrust to put the care and attention you deserve into your mount?  Shawn Smith Taxidermy will give you what you deserve - quality work with attention to detail and a turnaround time that is very reasonable.  Never wait indefinitely for your taxidermy to be completed.   We use the best materials available and the latest techniques to produce an outstanding mount.  As a member of the Wisconsin Taxidermists Association, Shawn attends the annual convention and workshops while competing with mounts in several different categories each year.  Turnaround times average 6 to 9 months (European Mounts, antler mounts, Turkey tail fan mounts,  are slightly quicker - often done within 2 months), slightly longer possible in the later part of the gun deer hunt.  Call Shawn today at (608) 206-3866.

Did you know that a Deer inner ear skin is not solid white!  And, their noses are not black, but actually a tone of grey.  We take the time to achieve realistic tones by layering multiple colors to achieve the true colors of a deer's Eyes, Nose, and Ears.  The same attention to detail for color on our other mounts as well.  Using the art of reflective depth, light layers of color are used to bring out the natural markings in fish.  Scale tipping is done by hand as well to highlight reflective colors throughout the skin of the fish.

Reference - we use reference photos of live animals, fish, and birds to achieve realistic expressions and colors.  In addition to photos, we keep cast reference of many species to capture the proper anatomy of your mount.