Big Game

Deer shoulder mount :  $575.00  (All Deer mounts include competition nose finishing - detailed nosepad, coloration, and nostril wing detail) We do not charge our customers for caping your deer!


Whitetail Deer Lifesize:  $2750 + habitat


European Whitetail - Clean, degrease, & whiten no plaque:  $110

                                    hangers and panels available starting at $20

Camo dipping European mounts now available only $90  

Whitetail Antler Plaque mount $115 (available on Walnut or Oak)


We do buy clean mountable capes from 4 1/2 year old or older deer (looking for larger necks, if not sure just give me a call)

Elk/Caribou shoulder mount:  $1095.00     European Elk Mount : $300.00

(add $50 per antler to pin antlers on larger animals if needed)

Moose shoulder mount:  $1495.00 (includes pinning both sides of rack - necessary for transport and entry in house)

Wild / Russian Boar shoulder mount:  $675.00

Antelope/ sheep/ goat shoulder mount: $625.00


Bear Shoulder mount : $585+  (extra large bears additional charge)

Bear 1/2 lifesize : starting 1095.00 (extra large bears additional charge)

Bear rug:  $195/ ft.  (Our rugs are professionally sewn with pad, backing, and hangers

Lifesize Bear: $495/ ft. minimum $2000.00

Bear skull clean, degrease, & whiten only: $130.00 

Open mouth bear add $175 for cast mouth, lip, & tongue

*All of our European Skull mounts are cleaned, degreased, and whitened.


Coyote Shoulder mount:  $475

Coyote Lifesize: $695

Red/Gray Fox Lifesize: $675

Fisher: $675

Raccoon:  $625

Squirrel: $375

Otter: $675



 *Habitat additional chargefor Big Game & Small Game

* Open mouth additional charge for Big Game & Small Game, price varies by animal

​we use the highest quality jawset available




Turkey fan & beard mount: $135.00

Add spurs to fan & beard mount: $10

Turkey fan/wings/ beard mount: $225.00

Turkey fan/wings/beard/ and legs on deluxe engraved panel: $275.00

Add shotgun shell brass to bottom of panel: $10





Other Services are available, please contact us


for additional information.

All prices subject to State & Local sales tax.  Cash, Check, Paypal, & most Credit Cards accepted.

50%  Deposit required on all work.

Mounts must be picked up within 30 days of completion or may be subject to storage fees.