Care Instructions

Big Game (Deer, Elk, Bear, Antelope, Wild Boar, etc..)

1.  Cape animal as soon as possible and cool down.  Cut cape about 6 inches behind front legsto allow for plenty of length, especially if you are considering a pedestal mount. Please do not cut down back of neck if possible.  Leave skull in cape, I will take care of that.  If you cannot bring the cape to my shop right away and it is warmer weather, you can put whole head & cape in freezer for a few days, wrapping whole thing in a plastic garbage bag.  If you are traveling out of state and need to know how to skin head out and salt hide, please contact me in advance if possible.  If freezer available on trip - then it does not need to be salted. See Video below, "Caping Your Deer."

​If you are not comfortable with caping your deer or animal, please give us a call as we do not charge our customers for caping their animal.

Turkey Tails/Wings

​​1. Put in plastic bag and freeze if can't bring in right away.